The Empire Flute & Ball is a modern design made to complement everything from the old Victorians to the modern Mountain Homes around our Nevada County workshop.

Constructed with solid-state LEDs and multi-stage resin castings from CAD-perfected designs., these fixtures are luminous like glass, blending with and enhancing the colors around them.


The Empire Ball



Each limited-edition production run is customized to your specifications, with a range of turned metal bases and a spectrum of resin colors to choose from.


Empire Flute & Ball inquiries may be directed to


The Empire Flute


Each fixture uses just one-fifth of a watt at maximum brightness, and glows magically using just a fraction of that power. Very efficient.

We've selected long-lasting, gently-powered LEDs rated for 100,000 + hours. That's over 30 years with every day use. With a selection of low-voltage, dimmable and programmable drivers, we can tailor the control system and the number and placement of fixtures to your exact needs.


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