Ambient Light For Total Control
A Transcendent Appliance installation, with multiple points of ambient light, gives you soft, even light, for superior presentation and visibliity. Traditional lighting design often must get the most amount of light out of the fewest number of fixtures, so bulbs need to be hidden or shaded to avoid glare, and bright to avoid shadows. Ambient light provides excellent visibility, especially in places where low light is best, like entrances, dining rooms, pathways, hallways, and stairwells.
Proven, Efficient Tech
Our LEDs fixtures produce light more efficiently than incandescents or CFLs and are rated at 100,000 hours for long life. You'll be amazed what we can do with less than 10watts/100sq ft (and how beautiful those lights look dimmed to <1watt/100 sq ft).  Gently powered on the 12-volt standard, these ambient fixtures are straightforward to install and support a range of control options.
We use the word beautiful a lot because we mean it. Our design is inspired by nature, architecture, and manufacturing. We bridge the latest high-tech processes with hand finishing to create fixtures that transcend traditional lighting design. Our art is grounded in function, we shape and color our lights for eye-catching looks and greater utility. The beautifully nested designs create a distinct and personal mood, a completely new way to light your space. Now tens or hundreds of points of light are elegant and refined.


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