Uncommonly beautiful
low-voltage lighting.




Transcendent Appliance creates unique lighting that is magical, refined and efficient.


We make hand-sculpted, computer-perfected fixtures, crafted in metals and nested layers of colored resin that shape and color the light to meet its environment.


Our long-lived, very low heat, rugged fixtures go everywhere you can imagine.
Our lights create the defining look of a romantic restaurant, a magical entranceway, a unique bar, a garden path, the bottom of a pool, a constellation across the ceiling of a banquet hall.
Transcendent Appliance lights create the character of your night space, from soft & smoldering to warm & lively. Low-voltage ambient or "soft" lighting provides excellent visibility without glare or shadows. Our lights are equally beautiful during the day, adding color and energy to a cloudy day, or luminous with the sun.


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